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 People can no was not without virtue
  Character, Kazuhiko Ueno firmly refuse admission, accidentally mixed Kazuhiko Ueno, once discovered resolutely eliminated. Excellent moral character, outstanding professional competence, Kazuhiko Ueno entrusted with the task; moral excellence, but the temporary lack of professional competence, Kazuhiko Nakano will strengthen the expertise culture, making it a good qualified Kazuhiko Savage.

Kazuhiko Nakano concerned about the personal qualities: honesty, loyalty, responsibility, and positive outlook on life, health values​​.

 Willing to learn and good at learning
  Create a learning-oriented enterprises, the penetration of learning atmosphere to every detail of the work. Per job, employees are able to take the initiative to carry out self-study and learn together in a team.

Kazuhiko Hino has established a comprehensive training system. The monthly staff full learning day work experience, explore each other in a team environment to share the results of the work. Professional training courses is developed according to the job requirements of each of the employees of different positions, professional training courses from the senior staff of the internal experience of sharing resources, external professional training institutions courses. Employees with a teaching is designed for junior staff positions set, a senior with junior, junior staff through the teachings of the practical operation drills hands-on, so that the rapid growth of junior staff work. In addition, each Kazuhiko Savage after working a certain number of years under the posts contribution each year a training reserve allowances, training reserve allowances the seniority accumulated and used to pay for employee career development required external training costs.

Kazuhiko Nakano only continue learning in order to keep up with the rapid pace of development of enterprises. Corporate training courses is a way of learning; identify problems and good work, to solve the problem is also a method of self-cultivation; learning to other colleagues in the team communication peers to peer learning, constant technological information exchange, continuous communication Kazuhiko savage self-perfection expertise, learn from each other's ways.

 Virtuous avoid pro everyone striving to horses
  Kazuhiko Ueno, a comprehensive set of employees recommend mechanisms. Everyone can be a HR manager, to discover talents for enterprises to recommend it to the company to become working partners. Referee available to set up a special "Kazuhiko wild horses Prize" (bonus amounted to: 5,000 to 10,000 yuan / person).

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